Jackie & Alexis - A Mom & Daughter Sessions

Last Sunday I had the privilege to photograph these two! A Mom and daughter - and their relationship is so special. There is a lot of love, laughter and friendship in their relationship. I've been photographing their family for 3 years now and they are a blessing! 

We started out at the new Verita Coffee bar located in Clifton Square. It's a lovely quaint shop with some really good coffee (the mocha is my favorite). We then went around Clifton Square and then on over to College Hill Park. 

For this session I wanted to do some fun things and these two were game! I brought a white board and had Alexis (the daughter) write what she loved about her Mom. She then showed it to her and I captured it on camera. It was a really special moment and Jackie and I both cried. Later I had Jackie write what she loved about Alexis and it was a really special moment too.

Lastly we went to College Hill Park and did some really fun Mom & Daughter pictures that turned out to be pretty fun and hilarious, you'll have to let me know what you think. 

Also, be sure to stay tuned because in April I'm hosting a Mom & Me Sessions or a Ladies Portraits at Verita. There will be coffee and flowers and beautiful pictures of you! 

Which photos are your favorites? When was the last time you had pictures taken of you and your kids? or maybe of you and your Mom? or maybe even just of yourself? I look forward to April and hope you'll be there. I'll have details soon but if you want in on it earlier just send me an email to sunshinephotographybybeka@gmail.com or message me on Facebook

My Favorite Images from 2017

What a year 2017 has been! 

I can't express enough how thankful I am for each of you that hired me. It's been such a blessing to meet and photograph so many families and people. I love hearing your stories, seeing how your families interact and I love helping you capture memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Today I want to take a moment and share some of my favorite images from 2017 with you. 

1. My brother and his family. I hadn't seen my brother since January of 2016 due to deployment so it was really fun to see him and to take their family pictures. My nephew had dropped a rock in this picture so that is why there are tears. I have ones of him smiling but sometimes the real life photos are just too cute to not keep. 

2. My friend Amanda and her two babes. I love the light in this picture.

3. Chelsea and Elliot spotting their husband/Dad at a military homecoming. I love this picture as it's full of emotion. 

4. Jay's 80th birthday! Old people are the best. 

5. The Flaten family. They are such a nice family and their house had some amazing natural light. 

6. These two sisters had such a neat relationship. It was fun to photograph them. 

7. Jake, Abigail and Dorris. Their fall mini session had the prettiest fall colors with blue skies and I love that they brought their dog. 

8. Baby Jonathan and his Dad. It's fun to see how all things are new through a kid's eyes. 

9. Baby Jonathan and Christmas lights.

10. Dave and I took these photos with a tripod on Christmas Eve. It was fun and I was happy with how they turned out. 


It was very hard to narrow this down to ten because there were SO MANY images that I loved this year. However, if I included them all it would be 100+ pictures. Thanks for a great 2017. You all made my year great.